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Script Writer, Grammy Recognized Songwriter, And Sought After Ghostwriter


Documentaries and short films are available on Prime

And U Call Yourself a Christian

Based on A True Story. Inspired by the book “And You Call Yourself a Christian, “ by Darick Spears

Milwaukee: The Movie

Based off of the Milwaukee Lyric Book- written by Darick Spears

Sex Tells

Based off of book “Sex Tells,” by Darick Spears. Television Show Script- 2 Seasons Written.

Poetic Confinement

Inspired By Original Book: “Poetic Confinement”

Only Her Mother Could Love Her

Based off of book “Only Her Mother Could Love Her Book,” by Darick Spears

The Diary of a Stay-At- Home Dad: My Journal

Behind Bars TV Show based off of the book “The Diary of a Stay at Home, by Darick Spears

Soul, Poetry, Flow!


Darick Spears writes, sings, and produces timeless tracks with unforgettable beats and poetic lyrics. From rising on the indie charts to appearing on the Grammy ballad, his music continuously proves he is indeed a Jack of all trades.