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It never has to be lonely at the top. Work with Darick on your next creative project or event.



Do you have a great concept, but need help bringing it to life?

Darick is an experienced ghostwriter and has authored more than 100 books under his own name. Work with Darick to craft a finished piece you are proud to put your name on.

The Process


During your initial consultation you will share your story idea and intended audience.



You provide all relevant materials you already have, such as notes, diaries, scrapbooks, and background research.

The Blueprint

Then together, we strategize, plan and map out the book—a sequential process that defines your purpose, vision, and outcome. It’s easy and fun. During this process you will receive a comprehensive outline—a storyboard—that captures the content and structure of your book.



Over a period of approximately 90 days, we dictate the entire manuscript using the outline as our guide. In order to formulate the right narrative, during this part of the process, additional research will take place so that a solid narrative text that captures your unique voice and style is created.


The result is a non-fiction book of approximately 250 pages, a finished product that is edited, copy-edited, mistake-free, and delivered to you in six months or less, intended to establish a national platform for you.

Expertly written, powerful, and dramatic, your published book becomes a gift you can share with everyone—family, friends, colleagues, social and business networks, and thousands who want to read it. In fact, some of the best books and movies are based upon real life stories, just like yours.



Interested in working with Darick on your next project? Or adapting one of his? When creative minds collaborate art happens!

Let’s work, play, and create!


Project Consultation

Sit down with Darick for a conversation about how to develop your project. Darick is an expert executor and can help you develop your vision into a tangible, incredible masterpiece.


Have you fallen in love with an existing project of Darick’s? If you are interested in adopting his project into a book, play, tv show, or other medium; Darick will be open to advising and assisting in that development.

Creativity Coaching

Want to learn to be more creative? Who is better to learn from than America’s Most Creative Writer? Sit down with Darick to develop your ideas and learn strategies to become more creative and see your fiercest dreams manifest.

In Living Color!

Book Darick to Speak at Your Next Event

On paper, Darick uses impactful words and colorful detail to draw in his readers. They are hooked line by line and page by page. At your live event, Darick will bring that same energy and with color and passion he will inspire and leave your audience energized and challenged.

Speaking Angles

Who Said That

A common phrase echoed by Darick, “Who Said That”, challenges the status quo, naysayers, and societal norms that place restrictions on our capabilities and stifles creativity. Asking the question of “who said that” teaches audiences to be critical of the source and intentions of wildly held beliefs.

Passion to Profit

Encourages audiences to discover their calling and do what they love. The notion of chasing the mighty dollar must be abandoned because profit is obtainable when we perfect our craft and bring value through our passion.

Life Without Limits

From impossible to I’M POSSIBLE, Darick encourages audiences to think outside the box and think without limits. No dream with a strategic plan is too big!

Creativity Out of Chaos

Because we can count on life to “happen” this angle encourages audiences not to wait for the “right moment” to live life on purpose and explore your creative genius. The time is now!

Let’s start our work together!

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