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I built my vision and found my spark, and now I find joy in helping others transform into their potential. Connect with me now and I will show you how!

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Creative, inspiring, thought provoking. Darick’s work transforms audiences.

“When I see the word IMPOSSIBLE I only see two words I’M POSSIBLE
– Darick Spears
From childhood, Darick Spears processed the world through his notebook. Darick was born with a mind constantly on the move; dreaming up new ideas, analyzing the world around him, and making magic from the mundane.

He didn’t know how to communicate his musings to the people around him. So he turned to a place of no restriction and no judgement; his notebook.

Since that day, Darick has explored expression in a myriad of different mediums. From books to plays to films, hip-hop albums, and poems. His creativity knows no limits and his words inspire without boundaries!

Today, he is a respected National speaker, inspiring entrepreneur, critically acclaimed screenwriter, captivating author, and industry notable songwriter with titles having appeared on The Grammy Ballad.

“Darick’s ‘The World is Yourz’ is one of the 25 Best albums to Listen to for Productivity.”
- Lifehack

“Darick’s ability to see and use untapped potential across industries is a pivotal moment for his career and the future of hip hop’s destiny.”
- Milwaukee Review